The dates of the 2024 Workshops will be published right here on March 1st 2024. Thank you for your patience.

»Welcome to the garden« In this course I repeat popular exercises from the last few years. Using flowers, berries or other treasures from nature, we practice precise observation, derive shapes and colours from them and create our own delicate little flowers or magnificent, wild fantasy plants.

»My favourite colour is June« In June, cornflowers and poppies bloom on the way to the lake. The perfect time to work exclusively in blue and red. We experiment with materials, play with shapes and patterns and let chance run wild.

»Writing wild« This is neither a classic calligraphy nor a typography course! We paint, draw and snip letters and sentences and combine them with drawings. For example, you can create illustrated booklets or posters with your favorite quotes.

»Daily drawings« In this course I will show you different methods and ideas to integrate a daily drawing routine into your everyday life. What links a series of drawings together? How best to combine image and text? Let's get started together - then we're already halfway there.

»How to Draw Properly« Many of you have asked for a course that teaches the basics of drawing. Using things we find from the forest, in this course we will practice looking closely, training hand-eye coordination and drawing "correctly". (Fortunately, there is no such thing as a "wrong" drawing.)

»Drawing circle training« This workshop will be the most playful of all, and it is well suited for those who don't really dare to draw in company. We try different techniques and materials. The focus is on having fun, and you will take many creative ideas home with you.

»That's me« This workshop is about us. How can I represent myself without drawing a classic self-portrait? We draw, write and make collages. Be curious what you find out about yourself and what results you get.



All workshops take place in my studio in Etashof/Templin and are primarily aimed at adults, but interested young people are also welcome! The cost for a day workshop is 125€. This includes all costs - the course fee, material, food and drinks.

The courses take place when at least 5 participants register for a workshop.It is also possible to buy a voucher for a workshop to give as a gift. Feel free to contact me for further arrangements.


About my workshops

My workshops are all about the joy of being creative. You don’t need any special experience or expertise, and there is no right or wrong way of doing things. The aim is to explore your own creativity, and experiment with different materials and methods, whilst enjoying the beautiful surroundings. We will draw and paint, and make paper cut-outs and collages. I will support you in bringing your ideas to life – either in a single picture, or in a series of works.

You don’t need to worry about preparing anything in advance, and there is no need to bring anything with you – we have plenty of materials and aprons for everyone! Food is provided and during the breaks, you can have a walk in the forest, swim in the lake, or just sit back and enjoy the sunshine. The day is yours!

5 or 6 participants can take part, so that I can spend plenty of time with everyone. Come on your own and have fun getting to know other participants, or come as a group of friends or work colleagues. I can also do individual appointments. Feel free to contact me to discuss any questions or requirements you might have.

You can see pictures of the workshops here!